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161          Debra Sieloff                     FS               Indian River

154          Christine Shaw                 YAFS         Gold Coast

113          Shelly Mascaro                FS/Oly        Everglades

103          Sandy Pettitt                     BHFSL       Aripeka

  98          Geanine Shaw                   BHFS          Gold Coast

  98          Diane Watson                  FS               Aripeka

  75          Ann Grimes                       FS               Ridge

  55          Jennifer Davies                 BHFSL       (Zephyrhills)

  43          Peggy Lewis                     SFS             Aripeka

  35          Theresa Durham               BHFS          Gator


151          James Pettitt                      FS               Aripeka 

124          Frank Gandy                     MSFS         Ridge

122          Scott McClure                  FS               Central Fla BH

117          Gary Lewis                        SFS             Aripeka

  88          Tom Borkowski                FS               (Apopka)

  79          Thom Smiley                     FS               Ridge

  66          Myers Parrish                   SFS             Ridge

  64          David DiMascio               FS               (Sebastian)

  61          Scott Davies                     FS               (Zephyrhills)

  53          James Russell                   FS               (Apopka)

Remaining State Championships:


HISTORY:  20022003 ; 2004

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