2015 SHOOT SCHEDULE          As of 26 August 2014                                                                                                

17-18 Jan        Ft Lauderdale            Ft Lauderdale            NATIONAL UNMARKED 3-D & FAA Unmarked 3-D    30 targets Saturday and 30 targets Sunday (The event will be a dual event with archers allowed to shoot one, the other, or both) Ė Announcements at 9:30 and shoot at 10:00 AM.

19-22 Feb       Newberry FL             ASA Pro Am

6-8 Feb           Las Vegas                  World Arch Festival  The Vegas Shoot

20-21 Feb       Miami Springs            Miami Optimist          FAA NAA Indoor

21-22 Feb       Miami Springs            Miami Optimist          FAA NFAA Indoor + SE

27-28 Feb       Tallahassee               Tri-State Archers       FAA NAA Indoor

27-28 Feb       Titusville                    Xterminators              FAA NAA Indoor

28-29 Feb       Titusville                    Xterminators              FAA NFAA Indoor + SE

28-29 Feb       Tallahassee                Tri-State Archers          FAA NFAA Indoor + SE 

28 Feb-1 Mar Tampa                     Gasparilla Bowman   Rhinehart 100

6-7 March       Newberry                   Easton Newberry       FAA NAA Indoor
7-8 March
       Newberry                   Easton Newberry       FAA NFAA Indoor + SE  

14-15 Mar      Louisville, Ky             NFAA                         Indoor Nationals

28-29 Mar      Homestead                 Everglades Archers   FAA International Rd

28-29 Mar      Tallahassee                Tallahassee Archers  FAA International Rd

11-12 Apr       Yankton SD                1st Dakota Classic      Indoor Classic 600 x 2

24-26 Apr       Newberry FL             NAA Gator Cup

25-26 Apr       Ft Meade                    C Fla Archers FAA Marked 3-D

23-24 Apr       Yankton SD                NFAA Council Meeting

25-26 Apr       Yankton SD                NFAA Board of Directors Meeting

23-24 May      Gainesville                 Gator Bowman          FAA Field + SE Field

6-7 Jun            Sarasota Fl                Sarasota Co Arch       Sunshine Games

8-14 June        Yankton SD                World Archery Youth Championships

13 Jun             Easton Newberry       Newberry JOAD       FAA JOAD               

13 Jun             Delray Beach             Gold Coast Archers   FAA JOAD

1-5 Jul             Decatur Alabama       NAA Natíl Target

3-11 Jul           Minneapolis MN        National Senior Games

22-26 Jul         Mechanicsburg PA    NFAA Natíl Field      

19-20 Sep       Newberry                   Easton Newberry       FAA Fita 

17-18 Oct       Delray Beach             Gold Coast                 FAA Target

14-15 Nov       Newberry                   Easton Newberry       FAA Fita Field

5 Dec              Ft Myers                     Lee County Archers  Fla Senior Games

11-13 Dec       Homestead                 Everglades Archers   NAFAC

2016 State, Sectional and National Tournament Dates

5-7 Feb         Las Vegas                   World Arch Festival The Vegas Shoot
March 18 Ė 20, 2016      Louisville, Ky             NFAA                         Indoor Nationals


Saturday:  8:00am  Announcements
                     8:30am  Start of First Round
                     3:00pm Board Meeting at range after last round is shot.
                                    (Board Meetings are typically at the Indoor, International, Field and Target)
Sunday:     8:00am  Announcements
                     8:30am  Start of Last Round

Awards Ceremony will start after scores are posted.

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