The 2006 Southeast Sectional 3-D completed on Sunday, 25 June with a light drizzle of rain on a beautifully set course at Smokey Mountain Archers in Tennessee.  Oly Oland, Tennessee Director and the working members of the Knoxville TN Club provided an unmarked course on Saturday and a marked course on Sunday utilizing offset 12 rings and challanging uphill and downhill shots on a heavily wooded hillside.  Although the turnout was small, the facility was inviting and the host organization simply outstanding.  Archers traveled from as far away as 800 miles to shoot on the truly exceptional facility. 
Once again we had a longbow (traditional longbow with wood arrows) shooter register in the olympic recurve (freestyle limited recurve/longbow) division not realizing that the division is a sighted shooting division following shooting equipment rules identical to those for NAA recurve.  Unfortunately, not enough of our national state directors realize the confusion for the growing number of truly primitive equipment shooters:  They see "longbow" and assume that it is the Internationally recognized unsighted longbow with wooden arrows.
The following are the full results of our 2006 Southeast Sectional 3-D event:
                                                                   Unmkd    Marked    Total
Ch  YAMFS    Joseph Newton       KY         199          227        426
Ch  AMBB      Glen Baxter             KY         204          185        389
Ch  SMBB       Jim Bowerman        TN         162          183        345
Ch  AMBHFS  Tim Newton            Ky         248          239        487
Ch  AFFS         Debra Sieloff          FL          203          236        439
Ch  AMFS       Jason Ayers            TN         251          270        521
2    AMFS       Dale Smith               SC         212          233        445
Ch  MSMFS    Donald Huddleston  TN        209          199         408
2    MSMFS     Tim Austin               FL        193           203        396
Ch  AMTrad     Roger Pallitt            FL         148          143         291
Ch  SMTrad     Lauren VanCleave   FL         155          177         332
Tim Austin
Southeast Councilman

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