Burt Reynolds/Deliverance Bow Presentation

Charlie Palmer (right), Chairman of  Gainesville, Florida-based Fred Bear Equipment Co.,  is shown presenting Actor/Director Burt Reynolds with a Fred Bear TakeDown traditional bow in recognition of the 30th Anniversary of the release of the film "Deliverance." Bear Archery provided technical consultants (including Fred Bear, himself) as well as bows, arrows and accessories used in the making of the 1972 award-winning film, in which Reynolds starred.  The commemorative TakeDown is now on permanent display at the Burt Reynolds and Friends Museum, located at 100 North U.S. 1 in Jupiter, Florida.  Hundreds of
unique items are on display at the museum, including the canoe used in the making of  Deliverance (shown behind Reynolds and Palmer).

The Fred Bear Equipment Co. is represented by such well-known archery brands as Fred Bear, Jennings, Golden Eagle, Buckmasters®, Brave and Satellite.

Photo Credit:  The Fred Bear Equipment Company
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