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Congratulations to Ben Rogers for winning the 2017 Barebow Belt.

Just came back from the NFAA National Meeting.  Really disappointed.  Directors practically passed everything placed in front of them.  In my opinion, one bad idea after another (except for mine of course).  NFAA got rid of Competitive Bowhunter (one anchor point and no sight), Bowhunter Freestyle Limited, Longbow, all kids Compound Limited Freestyle classes, Pro Olympic (put in because the Pro Rep promised us the Olympic shooters who never came) and Pro Limited Freestyle.  Dues were raised but that is the cost of doing business.  Costs have gone up and we haven't raised NFAA dues in years.  Here are the unofficial minutes from the meeting that I received from Tim.  Click Here.

Louis Travis  07/24/1932 - 09/16/2014.  More information in Obituaries.
We have been losing a lot of old time Barebow shooters.  RIP
Joe McManus, Jerry Barr, David Hughes and Bruce Shelley.  More information in Obituaries.

RIP - Robert A. "Allen" Campbell  03/01/1936 - 10/08/2011.

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Question and Answer:

Q: I am thinking of trying barebow. I don't understand NFAA rule on clickers? I don't understand the non-adjustable wording? All the clickers I have seen are adjustable. It states that nothing can be above arrow. Does this mean that you can't use the over the arrow arm type? Does somebody make a cable type clicker for fast-flite cables?

A:  The NFAA rule on barebow clickers,  states that nothing can extend over 1/4th at full draw, which rules out the stick-on type many freestyle limited shooters use, i.e. Saunders.  Non -adjustable means that clickers can't be adjusted once installed on the bow.  There about a dozen types of this nature, some made of piano wire on a mounting and even the metal blinds cut down  to desired length, etc.

Yes there is a cable clicker for fast flight cables, I have one myself.  I also have somewhat of an assortment of old Hoyt E wheels
which I have converted several of my Astros to use fast flight system instead of the tear drop style.


To the BBF,

I'm forwarding a note from Kay that Claudia may want to put in the next newsletter, or Oliver in our website.  [I'm a Scot eleven generations removed.  I've visited Scotland in 1996 and 1999, and I can vouch for Cay's opinion of the weather.  When it's nice, however, it's really nice!  And the scenery is something else.]


Hey Paul,

I haven't been home from Scotland long, but thought you'd be interested about what fun you missed.

I Shared a B & B with Dick Merkle  and Sarah Newmeyer, formally from VA, now living in Utah.

There was only 5 of us women barebowers.

Here's some of the results I wrote down pretty quickly after the Thurs round.  (Don't forget they are listed as: Field,Hunter,Animal,Field,Hunter).  I tried to catch people at the end of Fri's rnd to find what they shot, so this list isn't complete.

Adult men:

B.Marshall            477- 490- 538 -471- 491.

Ulf Trabert            463-469-512-461-426.

Laurent (Durerge?) 462-491-486-453-449.

Senior men:

Louis Travis         465-445-478-462-432.

James Threadgill   441-438-498-404-435.

Dick Merkle         411-402-468-415-409.

Adult women:

Cay McManus     480-489-530-467-486.

Sarah Newmeyer 423-406-496-399-403.

Carol Kendrick    418-389-406-399-403.

Conny Reuter      385-334-476-316-?

Rosie Potter        330-319-442-342-?

If you'll notice, almost everyone shot lously on Thurs.  The course (Green) was very steep with bunches of uphill's and we were all whipped after shooting animals on Wed because of the terrain we had to shoot on (the Orange range).  It rained overnite Tues and the animal course was on very steep hills with lots of uphill/downhill shots.  You couldn't hardly keep your feet under you to shoot, much less walk the course.  Bunches of people fell on the first part of the course which was the worse. (I don't know how I made it upright except by luck).  They told us in the morning that the cards had to be turned in by 1:00.  We hadn't even finished half by then!!!  Of course, they didn't hold us to it. (Scores on the animal round wasn't too good either).

For the poor souls had to rotate to that course on Thurs  it wasn't much better even tho it hadn't rained since Tues nite.  On Fri, it looked like it was gonna rain again.  The life saving crew on stand-by told the officials that if anyone got hurt on the Orange range, they were on their own, as they wouldn't be going down to help them because they would probably get hurt trying to get someone out.  The officials closed down the first half on Orange so those on it had to shoot the second half twice.

There was almost 500 shooters shooting on 4 ranges.  I think they put all the sightless shooters on one range (kids, BH, BB, Trad, Fita BB,Seniors) because it was really stacked.  We were the last ones to get done every day.  I heard that on Fri, they added more to help alleviate those on the Orange range (seniors, I think).  I believe we had over 170 shooters on our range.

I was really glad to have my seat with me, as we waited on every target all week.

It was quite an adventure, and all in all, we had a really good time.

The country was especially beautiful.  We did a lot of sightseeing before the shoot.  Visited castles, mostly.  Dick drove and I did the navigating thru Stirling to get to the shoot and different castles we went to.  There was probably 6 or 7 castles within an hours drive from where we were staying.  I think we saw about 4.  Sarah and I wasn't too keen on driving on the wrong side of the road.

On Sunday before the shoot started, they had the archers march in the parade behind their countrys flags.  The whole village of Dollar must have turned out....the streets were packed with people.

After the speakers did their thing, they had the pipe and drums playing, then some dancers doing some jigs, then a guy showed off his eagle and falcons to show how they catch their prey and how they train them.  After that, there was some more of the same, but we left to see another castle.

That turned out to be one of the prettiest days.  The locals complained because it was so hot......about 85 degrees.  Most of the days we shot were in the 70's but Fri was only about 55 or so.  What a shock to come home to this heat.  Their country is so lush because of the rain they've had this summer, even tho they usually get plenty of rain.  Seems like this year was especially bad for rain.   The farmer said he couldn't get out in the fields to get up his hay (where we stayed).  I enjoyed hearing their Scottish accent and the difference in the  words they use.  Our hosts were really nice.  They fixed the usual Scottish fare in the mornings for breakfast....porridge with toast & jelly, fruit, and yougart on the side.

You can't get a glass of iced tea in the whole blooming country!!!  And I don't believe they ever heard of eating "greens" of any kind.  Their suppers is mostly meat in some kind of gravy with either boiled potatoes or "chips"  (french fries).  When we asked them for a side salad, they looked at us like we were goofy.  When they brought it, they didn't bring any dressing for it.  I think they must eat their salads dry.

I wish I could have spent a month over there as it would take at least that long to see just the castles.  One of the people told me that there are over 300 in the country.

Everyone was very nice to us "Yanks" and we all had a Great Time!


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