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Camo patterned bows are allowed at USA Archery events.

They are not allowed at World Archery events.

Florida USArchery Judges

The following is the list of Judges from the USA Archery Web Site.  Bolded ones show current as of 9/10/19.  As of USArchery Florida has 5 judges currently listed.



William Boggs - Micanopy, FL

Robert Jones Crystal River FL

Tim Kemper Alachua FL

Robert Regojo Gainesville FL

Patrick Combs High Springs FL

Joseph Todd High Springs FL

Scott Barrett Land O Lakes FL

William Cisek Leesburg FL

Rena Mascaro Miami FL

Gene Goldacker Newberry FL

Carl Greene Newberry FL

Tori Schroeder-Kaspert Port Orange FL

James Dooley Tampa FL

Gerald Grayce The Villages FL

Erika Lundeen Vero Beach FL

Michael Lundeen Vero Beach FL

Maggie Pogue Williston FL



Tim Austin Gainesville FL



Tracey Francis Trenton FL
Phillip Graves Geneva FL

Charles (Ron) Lucas Titusville FL

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