2018 Everglades Open

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Archers need to be at the range on Friday at 11:30 for the Animal round (assembly at 11:30, shooting at 12:00).  Saturday and Sunday archers need to be ready to shoot at 8:00am due to winter daylight problems.  We will talk at 8:00am and start shooting at 8:30am.  We will be shooting 4 across on every target.

Shooting Differences.  The bunny is shot differently than NFAA shooters are use to.

20cm faces (Bunny faces)  Four targets in a square...shoot Z pattern.
    Top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right.

35cm faces  (15 thru 32 yards)
    35 cm faces shall be shot all four arrows at a single face.  Arrows
shot from the left hand side shall be shot at the left hand face and
vice versa, except on fan shots where the two arrows from the left hand
markers shall be shot at the left hand face, and the arrows from the
right hand markers shall be shot at the right hand face.

50cm faces (35 yds thru 53 yds)
    50 cm faces shall be shot all 4 arrows at a single face, rule C6
will apply if multiple faces are used.  (Note:  this is a quote of rule C6)

There will be food available at the range on Friday.  The lunch on Saturday will be pass by lunch.  You can buy a meal ticket at the begining of the shoot and there will be locations on the course that you can eat.  You can take it with you and eat  as you shoot.  You can eat at one or all of them.

Sundays lunch will be Everglades world famous beast feast, while we are waiting for the scores to go in.

TOURNAMENT DATES:  7-8-9 December 2018

HOSTING CLUB:  Everglades Archers.

RANGE LOCATION:  17415 S W 264th Street, Miami FL.

RANGE MAP :  Everglades Map

RANGE DIRECTIONS:  17415 S W 264th Street, Miami FL - Take Florida Turnpike South, exit at S W 200 Street (Caribbean Blvd) turn right and go to US-1 (2nd Light).  Turn Left on US-1.  At SW 264th Street turn right.  The range is on the right side of the road about 3 miles after US-1.


Pro Divisions $90.00, Adult & Senior Divisions $45.00, Junior Divisions $35.00.  There is a extra fee of $1.50 to register online and $2.00 to register and pay at the shoot.  
(Currently we will be taking the extra Pro fees at the shoot if needed (if you really want to pay them online, please let me know).

Shoot Fees
Age Group
Club Name

SEND REGISTRATION FORM AND CHECK TO:  Florida Archery Association, Timothy O. Austin (Sec/Treas), 1710 S W 76th Ter, Gainesville FL 32607-3418.  Phone (352) 332-1969 or (352) 332-1914.  Email:  flarchery@earthlink.net

SHOOT FEES: $45 adult, $35 youth, and $35 cub.  PRO money fee of $100.00 (Pro's will pay $145.00).

REGISTRATION DEADLINE:  Mailed entries should be postmarked by November 25th (US) or November 20th (Canada & Mexico).  Phoned or Emailed registrations through December 5th will be accepted for a $2 surcharge payable at the shoot.  Registration at the shoot will require a $15 late fee added to the normal registration fee.

SHOOTING SCHEDULE:    :  Friday 12/7: Assembly at 11:30am.  28 Animal round (with no bonus spots) at 12:00pm. Saturday 12/8:  Assembly at 8:00 AM.   28 Field at 8:30 AM.  Sunday 12/9:  Assembly at 8:00 AM.  28 Hunter at 8:30 AM.  Awards as soon as all scores posted to scoreboards and realigned (typically 30 minutes after last person is finished).

SHOOTING STYLE INFORMATION:  NFAA Archers: If you tell the registration chairman your normal shooting style, he will place you in your correct division.  IFAA has some different names.

FAA      FAA               IFAA        IFAA
CODE    STYLE              CODE       STYLE
FS    Freestyle            FSU      Freestyle Unlimited
FSL   Freestyle Limited    FSLC     Freestyle Limited Compound
Oly   Olympic Recurve      FSLR     Freestyle Limited Recurve
BB    Barebow              BBC      Barebow Compound
OlyBB Olympic Barebow      BBR      Barebow Recurve
Trad  Traditional          BHR      Bowhunter Recurve
BH    Bowhunter            BHC      Bowhunter Compound
BHFS  Bowhunter Freestyle  BHU      Bowhunter Unlimited
BHFSL Bowhunter FS Limited BHL      Bowhunter Limited
                           LB       Longbow

Further Information:
Longbow = no recurve at all in limbs with wooden arrows
Freestyle Limited Recurve = allows all types of sights and string peeps
Barebow Recurve = allows string walking and draw check
Bowhunter Recurve = Single anchor & Mediterranean fingers
Bowhunter Unlimited = hooded pins & scope sights illegal & No level

Bows limited to 300 fps

Veterans = 55+
Young Adult = 17-18

Junior = 13-16
Cub = under 13

DIVISIONS:  Male & Female

                      STYLE         IFAA CODE    FAA CODE
Professional    Unlimited           F.U.                 FS
                      Limited              F.S.                 FSL

Adult (19+), Veteran (55+), Young Adult (17-18), Junior (13-16) and Cub (<13) [Age as of 1st day of shoot]
        STYLES                                              IFAA CODE    FAA CODE
Barebow recurve and compound                         B.B.              BB  (Barebow)
Freestyle limited compound                                 F.S.              FSL (Limited Freestyle)
Freestyle limited recurve                                     F.S.              OLY (Olympic Freestyle)
Freestyle unlimited                                             F.U.              FS  (Freestyle)
Bowhunter recurve and compound                      B.H.              BH (Includes Traditional)
Bowhunter unlimited                                          B.U.              BHFS  (Bowhunter Freestyle)
Bowhunter limited                                              B.L.              BHFSL (Bowhunter Freestyle Limited)
Longbow                                                           L.B.              LB (Longbow)

            STYLES                                              IFAA CODE    FAA CODE
Barebow recurve and compound                            B.B.                BB
Freestyle limited recurve and compound                  F.S.                FSL

CLASSES - Adult & Junior only

Veterans, Young Adult and Cubs all shoot top of division


 STYLES     FSL        FS          BB         BHFSL     BHFS       BH       Longbow
A Class        450+       500+      400+       450+         475+      375+        250+
B Class        350-499  400-499  300-399  300-449    325-474  225-374   150-249
C Class        0-349      0-399      0-299     0-299        0-324     0-224       0-149

Classification scores must be within two years.
With less than two scores, shoot A Class.
Classification based on archer's two highest scores in a 12 month period. (Field, Hunter, and Hunter/Field)



409 se 1 ave

Florida, city. 33034


$76 plus tax book ASAP   (Rates for 2016).


Must mention Everglades Archery December event at the time of booking the room.

contact us to make the reservation at 305-218-9389 or eMail TLFLSunny@Gmail.com.

To learn more about us, please visit www.travelodgefloridacity.com and www.qualityinnfloridacity.com

 Camping at Florida City Campground: (305) 248-7889.

MIA - Miami International Airport.  Travel information to host motel

Total Est. Time:  43 minutes Total Est. Distance: 34.00 miles

FLL - Ft Lauderdale/Hollywood International.  Travel information to host motel

Total Est. Time:  1 hour, 12 minutes Total Est. Distance: 59.07 miles


HOST CLUB CONTACT:   John G. Laudicina (305) 545-5829 / gion2archery at gmail dot com

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