2015 Indoor Information - North (Titusville) Portion

Sectional Indoor, State Indoor, State FITA Indoor.
(This is a split site shoot with sites in Tallahassee, Newberry and Miami Springs).

TOURNAMENT DATES:  27, 28 Feb and 1 March 2015.

HOSTING CLUB:  Xterminators 


2800 N US Highway 1, Mims FL 32754



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SEND REGISTRATION FORM AND CHECK TO:  Tim Austin, FAA Secretary/Treasurer, 1710 S W 76th Terrace, Gainesville, FL 32607-3418.  Phone: (352) 332-1969 or (352) 332-1914.  E-mail:  flarchery@earthlink.net.

PRE-REGISTRATION DEADLINE:  By mail:  Must be postmarked by Feb 20.  By phone through Feb 26.  $2.00 surcharge for advance phoned-in registrations paid at shoot.

LATE-REGISTRATION:  On site registration will have late registration fees.

SHOOTING SCHEDULE:    NFAA: Sat 8 AM,  Sat 11 AM, Sat 2 PM, Sun 8 AM, Sun 11 AM (Pick two)
                                           NAA: Fri
7pm & Sat 5pm (Pick two) (double registration available i.e., shoot twice on same shooting time)


All 4 hotels are at Exit 215 & I-95...  Probably from cheapest to most expensive


Quality Inn    3655 Cheney Hwy, Titusville FL  (321-269-7110)

Holiday Inn Express    4715 Helen Hauser Blvd, Titusville FL  (321-383-0200)

Hampton Inn    4760 Helen Hauser Blvd, Titusville FL (321-383-9191)  

Fairfield Inn & Suites Marriott    4735 Helen Hauser Blvd (321-385-1818)


These motels are about 5 miles from the venue


The weekend of the tournament is the same weekend as the Robotics Competition in Schools, so lodging could get filled up


MISCELLANEOUS INFORMATION:  The FAA/NAA Indoor Championship will be held Friday 7 PM and Saturday 5 PM shooting two 18 meter FITA I rounds under NAA rules:-  Out of State NFAA and NAA guests are invited to participate with registration fee of $22.50, and archers will be required to conform to NAA dress code (white, khaki or navy pants) and shooting rules for that event. (Space available, we are offering double shooting on Saturday for those that can not get there Friday night).

NAA Requirements:

DRESS CODE:  It's simple - No blue jeans, no camo -- any color top,
white, khaki or dark blue bottoms.

BOW WEIGHT:  Compound bows are restricted to 60# draw weight maximum!

ARROW SIZE:  Arrows are restricted to a maximum of 9.3 mm shaft
diameter. With aluminum shafts, this would include all shafts of 23
diameter except the 2317.  Shafts currently produced in the 23 size
category and legal under the 9.3 mm rule are the 2312, 2314, and 2315
(as of 1 April 2001).  Anything larger is not legal.

NO ELECTRONICS!  This also means nothing electric on the bow to light up the sight.

TIME LIMIT:  2 Minutes for 3 arrows.  We will shoot AB/BA (alternate shooting first and second on
the line).

BAREBOW:   Barebow division is limited to recurve bows.  (Compound
Barebow shooters will be classified Compound-Fingers).  [Unbraced bow
complete with accessories must be capable of passing through a hole or
ring of 12.2cm inside diameter +/- 0.5mm] (that's approximately 4.8
inches) --  No stabilizers and no draw checks (no clickers).


Ron is going to try and get a special rate on tickets to the space museum

X-terminator has 10 target butts... can have 40 shooters per time.

Club Contact:  Tim Camp          321-264-3173   

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