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                        AGENDA ITEMS FOR FAA BOARD MEETING

                   Gator Bowmen, Gainesville. Fl. May 23rd, 2015 @ approx. 4:30pm



1. Minutes of the previous meeting.


2. Treasures report (comments/review)


3. Old Business


             a. Remove Classes..Rule Book page 15, Article XVIII, para 6- Delete

                                                                                                  Second Reading


b. Lower Offset 12 at FAA 3-d…Rule book, page 33, Article XVIII, para 17a

   change to read “FAA will use the lower offset 12 at FAA 3-d Championships. A

   shooter may elect to shoot the upper 12 instead by declaring the intention prior

   to making the shot.                                                                          Second Reading


c. Executive Vice-President …must have served on a State Board prior to being

   selected as Executive Vice-President.                                Second Reading


4. New Business


            a. Review Bids for hosting, 2016 FAA Tournaments, vote on locations and



            b Review election results .. for NAA Representative  W Culter vs K Jones


            c. Board consideration of..  Candidate for Executive V-P


5. NAA Report


6. NFAA Report  


The meeting will be held at the 2015 FAA Field tournament site at approximately 4:30 pm. If you are unable to attend the meeting, please send input/comments, to Bob Jones.      Take care and drive safely.                                                             


                                                                                            Bob Jones   FAA President

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