Next Board Agenda


                                              Agenda Items for FAA Board Meeting

                         Everglades Archers-Tri-State Archers, Mar 28, 2015~ 3:30pm

                          (Coordinated cell phone correspondence between locations)


1. Minutes of the previous meeting.


2. Treasures report (comments/review)


3. Old business


            a. . Eliminate classes in FAA Championship Tournaments and go to a flight system identical to    

                   NFAA’s under 200 shooter flight system. To start January 2015.          Second Reading

             b.  . Change the last two sentences of Article IX, Paragraph 3 to read as follows: “No vote ‘lists’   

                    will be accepted. A single ballot form may only have one voters’ vote. All current FAA

                    members who are age 18 or older may vote                                           Second Reading

             c.   Rule book change-. Article V, Paragraph 5 (page 5). Change “copy of” to “web link to”.

                                                                                                                        Second Reading

            d.   Rule book change-. Article VIII, Paragraph 5k (page 9). Delete paragraph.

                                                                                                                        Second Reading

             e.   Rule book change -  Article VIII, Paragraph 9e (page 13). Delete paragraph. A grain scale

                   is no longer needed.                                                                                   Second Reading

             f.   Rule book change- Article VIII, Paragraph 11f (page 13). Delete paragraph.

                                                                                                                        Second Reading

            g. Rule book change-  Article IX, Paragraph 7 (page 16). Delete the last sentence that reads

                “Other Board members may be paid 30 cents per mile transportation to FAA Board Meetings.”.

                                                                                                                        Second Reading

            h. Rule book change-  Article IX, Paragraph 8 (page 16). Change “at FAA expense, a copy” to

                “the web link to”.                                                                             Second Readiing

            i. Rule book change- Article XIII, Paragraph 1d (page 18). Delete “200”. So voted.

                                                                                                                        Second Reading

            j. Rule book change- Change “must have NFAA or NAA Insurance” to “Shall have Insurance”.                                                                                                                               Second Reading

            k. Rule book change- ARTICLE XIII, Paragraph 3c (page 19). Insert “or timer” after “timing

                 lights                                                                                                           Second Reading

            l. Rule book change- Article XIII, Paragraph 4a (page 19). Change 40 to 20 and add “for a split

                site 10 target butts are acceptable.”                                                    Second Reading

m. Rule book change-  Article XIII, Paragraph 5a (page 19). Change to read; “A minimum

     of a 28 target range must be provided. For a split site, 14 target butts will be acceptable.”

                                                                                                            Second Reading

n. Rule book change- Article XIII, Paragraph 6a (page 19). Removed “ASA 14 ring

                                                                                                                        Second Reading

            o. Rule book change- Article XIV, Paragraph 5 (page 20). Change to read: “Awards will be

                 presented to Champions, Second, Third places in all competitions     Second Reading

            p. Rule book change- Article XV, Paragraph 7 (page 21). Delete “or an NAA member in Florida

                 who has not joined the Florida Archery Association.” And add “NAA members residing in

                 Florida will pay the full state portion of FAA dues prior to shooting.” Second Reading

            q. Rule book change- Article XVI, Paragraph 1f (page 22). Change “$7” to “the full shoot fee”.

                                                                                                                        Second Reading

            r. Rule book change- Article XVII, Paragraph 3 (page 24). Replace the word “Plaque” in both

                  instances with the word “Award”.                                                   Second Reading


            s. Rule book change- Article XVIII, Paragraph 12 (page 29). Replace “FAA/NAA” with

               “Registered FAA”.                                                                 Second Reading

            t. Rule book change- Article XVIII, Paragraph 13 (page 29). Add “and pants (or shorts, skirt or

                dress)”.                                                                                 Second Reading

            u. Rule book change-Article XVIII, Paragraph 17 b (page 33). Delete the paragraph

                                                                                                            Second Reading

            v. Rule book change- Article XXVII, Paragraph 6e/f (page 41). Delete 6e “1)” and reduce the e

                 total points to 15. Add 6f – Archery activities (55 points). 6f – 1) State Tournaments attended

                in past two years (1 point each for a maximum of 20 points). 6f – 2) State Tournaments won in

                past two years (3 points first, 2 points second, and 1 point third). 6f – 3) State Records set in

                past two years (3 points each for a maximum of 15 points). 6f – 4) Instructor Certificates and

                archery instruction (10 points).                                             Second Reading


4. New Business


            a,Proposal south-VP---  FAA Member desiring to run for office for office should attend at

                 least 3 board meetings just prior to running for office so they have a thorough

                understanding of the position desired.

            b. Rule book motion Sec/treas. –page 26 Article XVII, para 12- “A longbow division is

                 available in all FAA shoots using NFAA Longbow equipment rules.”

            c.  Rule book motion Sec/Treas- Page 28, Article XVIII, para 6- delete (we no linger have


            d. Rule book motion Sec/Treas- Page 15-rticle IX, para 3- change next to last sentence to read;

                  “All FAA Ballots shall be for one voter or for 2 voters where a married couple are both


            e.  Pres. Would like the board to consider refunding  the cost of  materials to build (6)

                   additional scoreboards. Boards, Hinges, molding, paint, Brads, screws = $202.00


5. NAA Report:


6. NFAA Report:


The meeting will be held at the 2015 FAA International split site (Everglades/Tri-State) at approx 3:30pm on 3/28/15. If you are unable to attend the meeting, please send input/comments, to Bob Jones and Tim Austin. Take care and drive safely.      3/23/15


Here is the detail from a lot of the old business.

In looking over the rulebook, I found the following rules that we need to consider changing to match what we are currently doing.  I have included the current rule along with the proposed change.  At the end I listed three rules that I would like considered to be changed.


Please feel free with any comments or concerns.




1)   Article V – 5. 



FAA will provide a copy of the FAA and the NFAA rule books and NAA documentation to newly

chartering/affiliating clubs upon receipt of affiliation fees.


Proposed change.  Change ‘copy of ‘ to ‘web link to’



2)   Article VI – 3.



The FAA will provide a FITA or 900 metric round at the Sunshine State Games and a FITA Target

Championship for the Olympic Recurve and Olympic Compound archers. The FAA will host a

separate FITA Indoor Championship for the NAA members hosted and run by a Florida registered

NAA club: The FAA/NAA Indoor Championship will include an NAA Freestyle division following

NAA rules. At the State Target Championship, the Olympic Recurve and the Olympic Compound

Champions will only be contested using the FITA round.



Proposed change.  Change ‘registered NAA’ to ‘charted FAA’.


Also need to list all the styles competed for or remove the ones listed.


3)    Article VIII



Shall be the custodian of the FAA grain scale. He/she will be responsible for bringing i

t to FAA Tournaments to be available for arrow tip weight protests.


Need to strike.  There is no grain scale and that is not a requirement anymore.


4)    – 5) Article VIII



Any expenses (travel, postage, phone, etc) made by a Vice President while performing duties

within his/her region may be reimbursed upon submitting an itemized statement for approval, with

receipts attached, to the Treasurer. If the Treasurer feels the expenses are inappropriate, he/she

will submit them to the President for Board consideration.


Proposed change.  Remove ‘in’ from ‘inappropriate’. 


This means that board must approve all VP expenses.


11 f.

Shall collect club FITA shoot dates and work with the appropriate Vice President to work dates

into the yearly schedule


Need to strike.  Clubs should be working with their VP’s yearly schedule.


6)    Article IX – 7.



Expenses shall be paid to the Secretary/Treasurer and President to travel to Board Meetings and State

Tournaments. Transportation shall be paid at $0.30 per mile. The President and Secretary shall be

furnished lodging at the tournament headquarters at FAA expense. Other Board members may be paid

$0.30 per mile transportation to FAA Board Meetings.


Proposed change.  Add wording from Article VIII.5.k to end of paragraph.


upon submitting an itemized statement for approval, with

receipts attached, to the Treasurer. If the Treasurer feels the expenses are appropriate, he/she

will submit them to the President for Board consideration.


7)    Article IX – 8.



Upon taking office as an officer of the FAA, an individual will be provided, at FAA expense, a copy of

the NFAA Constitution and By Laws and the FAA Rulebook.


Proposed change.  Change ‘at FAA expense, a copy’ to ‘the web link to’


8)    – 14) Article XIII – multiple changes needed.



Any shooting site must have ample parking for 200 competitors and spectators near the shooting area. 


Proposed change 200 to 100 or appropriate for the expected turnout.



A host club must have NFAA or NAA insurance prior to and current during the hosting of a FAA Championship Tournament.


Proposed change remove words NFAA or NAA. 


There are a lot of clubs using other kinds of insurance.



An indoor area that will allow room for 25 target butts is recommended. Room is needed for 100 competitors and their equipment, bow racks and spectators.


Proposed change.  Change from ‘An indoor’ to ‘ A single site indoor’.



The host club must provide timing lights and a time keeper/light operator during the tournament.


Proposed change add ‘or timer’ after timing lights.



A minimum of 40 target butts must be provided.


Proposed change 40 to 20.  And add ‘For a split site 10 target butts are acceptable.’  at the end of the sentence.


5. a.

A minimum of two 28-target ranges must be provided to support a maximum of 224 shooters.


Proposed change ‘two 28-target ranges’ to ‘a 28 target range’.  And add ‘For a split site 14 target butts are acceptable.’  at the end of the sentence.


6. a.

The host club must provide a minimum of 40 3-D targets with 8, 10, ASA 12 rings, and ASA 14 ring delineated at the start of each round


Proposed change.  Remove 14 ring.


15) Article XIV



Plaques shall be presented to champions, second, and third places in the top class competition in each

division (“AA” in Men’s Freestyle and “A” in all others). Plaques will also be given to first, second,

and third places in lower class competition.


Proposed change – change Plaques to awards.  Need to add current award system of beating someone to get an award. (It is listed in Article XVII.4 already so maybe that is not needed).


16) Article XV


7. Guests are welcome at FAA Championships. Guests will pay full registration fees. Guests will shoot

for no award. A guest is defined as an out of state NFAA or NAA archer, an out of country

IFAA or FITA archer, or an NAA member in Florida who has not joined the Florida Archery Association


Proposed change.  Add a section 8 saying that NAA members residing in Florida will pay the full portion of the FAA dues prior to shooting.  Remove the NAA member in Florida sentence from 7.


17) – 18) Article XV



There shall be double registration allowed only at the Indoor Championship tournaments


Proposed change.  Add ‘FITA or Target’ after Indoor.   We have interest in double registering for the State Target.


1. f.

Individuals may shoot for no score and no record on line at Regional and State Indoor

tournaments. Archers must pay $7 per shooting time at State Tournaments. Space on the line may not be reserved and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis after all registered

competitors have been placed on the line


Proposed change.  Increase $7.00 to $15.00.


19) – 21) Article XVII


2. f.

There are no B Class awards in FAA/NAA competition


Proposed change.  Add ‘no AA or ‘ prior to B class.



There will be a Champion Plaque for each style. The Champion Plaque will go to the individual,

regardless of Class, who shoots the highest total score for that style


Proposed change.  Change the word Plaque to Award.



A Senior Classification of awards is available at all State Championship tournaments for archers who

are 55 years of age or older. Archers who qualify by age may either register as a senior or in the

regular adult classification. Seniors will shoot the full competition course at all FAA Championships




FAA Senior competition will conform to NFAA divisions in state championship competition.

Senior, all divisions, ages 55+. Master Senior ages 65+ available in freestyle, freestyle limited,

and barebow divisions only.


Proposed changes.  Remove ‘, all divisions,’, Change 55+ to 50+.  Add Silver Senior age 60+.  Change 65+ to 70+.  Remove high-lighted portion of last sentence.


22) – 24) Article XVIII



A Separate FAA/NAA State Indoor FITA I will be hosted each year by FAA under FITA rules. A

registered NAA club will host and run the tournament


Proposed change.  Change ‘registered NAA to ‘chartered FAA’.



DRESS CODE: Shooters must wear shoes and shirts


Proposed change.  Add ‘pants ( or shorts, skirt or dress)’.


17. b.

FAA will use a 14 Ring on 3-D targets, severely offset on the back edge of the 8 Ring, to be in

play throughout FAA Championship 3-D Tournaments.


Proposed change.  Remove 17.b



25) Article XIX



Archers may purchase (cost $0.50) a replacement for a lost handicap card from the FAA

Secretary/Treasurer. Archers will shoot in the highest class, against the top archers, until a new card is



Proposed change.  Remove cost and change FAA Sec/Treas to NFAA.  Cost seems really low and don’t think that the Sec/Treas has them anymore. 




I found the following items that I would like the Board to consider modifying.


1) Article XXIII



A nominee must be a resident of Florida. He/she must have been a member of the FAA and the NFAA

for at least three years.


Proposed change.  Resident of Florida and a member of FAA at the time Hall of Fame is being considered for.  Replace ‘the NFAA’ with ‘the NFAA or NAA’.


This paragraph was here so non-Florida people are not placed in the Hall of Fame like Easton, Gibbs or Jennings or any big archery name that does not reside in the state of Florida.  I do not feel that an archer has to keep living in Florida to be considered for the Hall of Fame if they did something to warrant consideration in the past.


2) – 4) Article XXVII



Applicants for the FAA Scholarship Award must be under 21 years of age and must have completed

the 11th year of high school. An applicant must be a Florida resident and must have been a member of

FAA for at least one year prior to the application.


Proposed change one year to three years.  I believe this has already been done and not updated on my copy of the Rulebook. 


Proposed change.  Add ‘and not been awarded an FAA scholarship in the past’ after the words ‘high school’.


6.  I feel we need more points for archery related activities.  Currently only 15 of the 110 points possible are for archery related activities and that seems really low to me.


Proposed change.  Remove e.1 and lower that section by the 10 points.  Add a new section


f.  Archery activities (55 points) with four categories. 

1. State Tournaments attended in past two years (1 point each for a max of 20 points). 

2. State Tournaments won in past two years (2 points each for a max of 10 points). 

3.  State Records set in past two years  (3 points each for a max of 15 points). 

4.  Instructor Certificates and archery instruction (10 points).

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